Breaking the ice…

This is my first blog post EVER. I decided after much deliberation that instead of writing things down for myself in Evernote, that I would post those discussions/rants on a blog and at least get some purpose into them. That way, it seems less like I’m talking to myself, and as such I feel less like a crazy person. I also feel that if this blog gives some helpful advice, or light relief to someone who finds themselves in the same position that I am in, then I’ve done something good for the world.

I have found writing to be therapeutic when there is no need to reference anyone else’s work (unless required). It’s a great way to to stem the flow of thoughts that can sometimes ping around my brain like a pinball machine, or else hemorrhaging forth as a crazy verbal rant at some poor unsuspecting bystander (usually my loving wife…also a PhD candidate). I’ve also found that it helps to order your thoughts and lets you see the bigger picture in a sometimes blurry world.

I’ll do most of this from my iPad so I’m not entirely sure how I will go putting in hyperlinks to other blogs and the such. It seemed a bit clunky the other day but that may be due to my inexperience with this sort of thing. My first post (up soon) is about how someone found themselves in the PhD program, and what that entailed in terms of navigating the system (and other rambling no doubt).



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